Many things in life are a shot in the dark, but you never know what will happen unless you take those shots and keep trying. I believe people define themselves by what they do and how they treat others on the journey through their time here.

Through my work, I am searching for truth. I search for truth in people, life, and everyday situations. I try to express this through different media, and also by contributing things I’ve learned through my experiences while here. My goal is for the audience to take with them a certain impression that will speak to them at that moment, or possibly at some time in the future. I also want to have a good time of course, so some things are for nothing but fun.

Life is very interesting. There are many choices we make, some of which end up defining who we are and who we will be; and if not that then at least how we are perceived to be. That’s what keeps it interesting, those moments where we have to choose to go left or right, up or down, to be bastards or be decent. I find that these moments of choice hold a lot power.  We must not only make the decision at hand, but must also choose whether to do so with fear, strength, sadness, regret, joy, anger, or a host of other emotions. Fear is one of the most interesting to me because it is so powerful. Some choices can be made without any emotion. There is also a choice between being honest or being false, both with others and with oneself.

Decisions can be made with mind, body, and heart. They can be made using all of those things in us at once or alone by only one of the three. Where it gets difficult and interesting is when there is a struggle between two of those forces. At the moment of that struggle, there is an opportunity to learn a lot about oneself. There is also an opportunity to give up, to learn and grow, and there is a unique opportunity to see things that you did not notice before.

I consider my life and work to be a study of myself, those around me, and our environment in general. I try to surround myself with good people, and I have made a few very close friends along the way that I am lucky for. I hope to make a few more. I am also lucky to have a great family and a wife that can bear my craziness. The most valuable things to me in this life are the people I spend time with, my everyday experiences, and my search.